Terms and Conditions


In agreeing to the terms and conditions I have acknowledged that I have a FULL version of Kontakt 6 or above, which is required in order to use Murst Instruments libraries


Murst Instruments libraries that you purchase are licensed for your use, not sold. This license is personal and cannot be transferred. By downloading any of the Murst Instruments content or libraries, you agree to the following terms:


Downloaded libraries cannot be returned or removed from your machine remote;y, so we can’t provide refunds or exchanges. Please be aware that as soon as you’ve redeemed your download via Pulse, you can’t return the Library


– Use the Library and included sounds in your own compositions, either personal or commercial, without any fees or restrictions
– Install the Library on multiple computers as long as you are the only owner of these machines and are not sharing your Library license with others


– Make copies of this Library, as a whole or in part, with the intention of re-distributing, selling or giving them away. This includes making any of the content of the Library available on a network through any file sharing services
– Re-use or re-package any of the Library’s content in another virtual instrument, sample library, sound effect library or loop or effect library of any kind
– Re-sell the license to another person without written consent of Murst Instruments


Murst Instruments libraries are used at the licencees risk. Murst Instruments holds no responsobility for loss or injury, direct or indirect from the use of our products