// legato cello //

sample library for Kontakt Player

This library is a legato, monophonic version of the Cello featured in the Pivot bank of Stone. It focuses on the articulation and expression of a solo Cello. The recording was made with one very close mic and a little bit of room mic, capturing a lovely bow texture and resonance from the body of the Cello. The instrument features three velocity layers and scripted vibrato to add articulation



There is a set of effects at the bottom half of the UI. The filter symbols also act as buttons which will reveal LFO parameters for modulation. The front panel controls left to right comprise of;

Lo-pass cutoff – filters out high frequencies. The button reveals resonance and controls for a multi shape LFO

Hi-pass cutoff – filters out the lower frequencies. The button reveals resonance and controls for a multi shape LFO

Saturate – with a nod to Tim Hecker, saturate at instrument level to bring out the harsher overtones, adding a warm distorted fuzz – watch the master volume!

Phase – inspired by leslie cabinets with an in-built rotating speaker, phase is a stereo effect that is bpm synced from your DAW

Stereo – a simple stereo modelling effect that can spread the stereo field of the instrument wider, or constrict to mono

Room – a natural sounding convolution reverb

Blur – a delay that sounds more like a reverb by taking microsecond particles and diffusing them into a reverb that stretches and spreads the sound into a wash


Legato Cello is a Kontakt Player library, the free version available from Native Instruments. It is encoded for NKS keyboards and devices. Please see our FAQ section and our terms and conditions for more information. The manual can be found here for more information on how to install and activate your serial number