GLASS explores the world of undulating and evolving looped textures in 4 instruments. Each instrument comprises of 16 selectable sound sources – analogue basses and pads, studio recorded acoustic strings and woodwinds, deep modular synths and granular processed sound design

“To my ears all four of the instruments are capable of producing wonderfully evocative evolving pads or underscores”Sound On Sound

A simple user interface invites the composer or sound designer to layer, modulate and sculpt the sound material using the eclectic selection of on board filters and effects. Glass is designed to bring texture and movement to your music, inspiring new ideas without getting lost in complex menu systems

Swell captures and accentuates acoustic instrumentation with long evolving forms

Resonance imitates and builds on the vibrating and resonant nature of abstract objects such as tubes, drum skins and strings

Tape delves into analog tape and delay processing through a Uher monitor and Roland Space Echos

Glitch utilises weird and wonderful mangling instruments including the Cooper Outward to re-define the nature of acoustic and digtal waveforms



Glass is a Kontakt Player library, the free version available from Native Instruments. It is encoded for NKS keyboards and devices. Please see our FAQ section and our terms and conditions for more information. The manual can be found here for more information on how to install and activate your serial number

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