Where is my license key?

After completing checkout your license key will be displayed directly. A copy will also be sent by email, it can take a little while to arrive sometimes and has ended up in the junk folder for some – but please hold on for 15 minutes as it usually arrives. Alternatively you can sign in to your profile on Murst Instruments and go to -my account, view orders- and your Pulse key will be there. If you can’t find it then pleaseĀ get in touch

How do I install my instrument?

Copy your license key (explained above) and activate in Pulse. Pulse is a distribution platform, and you will need to create a separate account with them to redeem your products. All instruments are currently developed in Kontakt and you will need the latest FULL version of Kontakt

How do I update my instrument?

Pulse now alerts you when there is an update ready to install. Please follow the instructions from your Pulse app to update

Can I load it into the Kontakt library browser?

Currently the instruments are not encoded into Kontakt player, so cannot be added to the Kontakt browser library. Instead just use the ‘files’ tab in Kontakt to find the .nki file or drag and drop the .nki file from it’s location on you computer into the Kontakt window

Can I try a demo?

Unfortunately not, there isn’t a way to do this with Kontakt without delivering all the files. I’ll do my best to make complete sound and video demos to show off the features of each library

Can I get a refund?

The nature of Kontakt instruments means that sales are final if you have downloaded the library. If you haven’t downloaded the library please contact me

Do I need to pay VAT?

Murst Instruments is currently not a VAT registered company so there is no VAT included in the price of our libraries. However, we will be registering for VAT in the future which will change the pricing

When are you having a sale?

We aim to price the libraries fairly with an introductory offer and will very rarely have a sale. Sign up to the newsletter to stay informed of what’s coming soon

Anything else?

Give me a shout I’d love to hear from you